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V8-I8, October - December  2017
Ref. No. Author(S) Title
v8-i8 / 01 Lalit Kumar1, Tarun Dalal2
A Review On Echeque Security System
v8-i8 / 02 1Mamta Rani, 2Anjani Garg A Review on Scope of Internet of Things
v8-i8 / 03 Ravinder Review of Future for Wind Turbine Systems
v8-i8 / 04 1Vinita Devi, 2Dr. Yogesh Awasthi Study of enhancement of quality of Finger print using fuzzy set and neural network
v8-i8 / 05 Mrs.Kokate S..R.1, Prof Salunkhe Hemant.2 Night time construction and its effect on flyover project duration and cost
v8-i8 / 06 Anand Pali, Prof.Sanjay Kalraiya A Review On Variation In Differential Gearbox Design and Its Materials
v8-i8 / 07 1Bhawan Bhardwaj,2 Ankur Mittal Advanced Mechanisms To Secure Wireless Ad Hoc Network With Performance Analysis
v8-i8 / 08 Dr. Vishal Pathak Corrosion Control by Different Green Solution Techniques-An Overview

v8-i8 / 09 Dr. Ankur Pare The Social and Behavioural Impact of Displacement on Rural Community in India
v8-i8 / 10
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