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V7-I4, July - September 2016
Ref. No. Author(S) Title
  v7-i4 / 01 Saurabh1, Mrs. Savita Bishnoi2 The Software Development Of Organization On Agile Methodology
  v7-i4 / 02 Shweta Jain A Study Of Psychology in Education with Nature and Scope Of Educational Psychology
  v7-i4 / 03 Shweta Jain Study Of Changing Context Of Teacher Education In The Indian Scenario
  v7-i4 / 04 1MANJU BALA, 2Kapil Kaswan Review on impact of Face Recognition Technology in Biometrics
  v7-i4 / 05 1MANJU BALA, 2Kapil Kaswan Space saving Implementation of Face Recognition technology in Biometrics
  v7-i4 / 06 1Nidhi, 2Nishika Review on QR codes security mechanism in ECommerce application
  v7-i4 / 07 2Abhishek Bhatnagar
Implementation Density Based clustering in Data Mining
  v7-i4 / 08 Deepak Dalal*,Parveen Berwal** Utilization of Rice Husk Ash in Soil Subgrade Stabilization
  v7-i4 / 09 Neha1, Abid khan2,
Ruchi Parashar 3
  v7-i4 / 10 1Nidhi
Implementing Security of QR codes in Ecommerce application
  v7-i4 / 11 Naresh Kumar Study of Distribution of caste and age wise population in Pindara village in Jind District.
  v7-i4 / 12 Naresh Kumar Study of occupation structure and Distribution of main occupation by caste groups in Pindara Village in Jind.
  v7-i4 / 13 Naresh Kumar Study of Sex Ration in Hissar District in Haryan
  v7-i4 / 14 Naresh Kumar Study Of Sex Ratio A Spatial And Temporal Analysis Of Tamilnadu
  v7-i4 / 15 Naresh Kumar Study Of  Decadal growth of population in India
  v7-i4 / 16 Apoorva Sharma Study of Mathematical Modeling, principles and Methods
  v7-i4 / 17 Apoorva Sharma Study of Number Theory and relationship between different types of numbers and study of types of questions that can be solved
  v7-i4 / 18 1Seema Rani, 2Amita Study of number theory and its historical development
  v7-i4 / 19 1Seema Rani Study of probability theory and probability models for dice game of craps
  v7-i4 / 20 1Seema Rani, 2Amita Study of error detection and correction codes
  v7-i4 / 21 1Ankit, 2Poonam Bromination of Acetophenone using N-Bromosuccinimide
  v7-i4 / 22 1Ankit Reactivity pattern of a-bromo & a,a-dibromoderivative of carbonyl compounds
  v7-i4 / 23 Kusum Rani Role of media and handling of internal security issues
  v7-i4 / 24 Kirti Study of Green House effect,  global warming, consequences and significance
  v7-i4 / 25 Sunita Duggal Study of Bryophyta: Characterstics, Life Cycle  and Economic Importance
  v7-i4 / 26 Heer Shah Study Of Performance Of Investment In Equity Diversified Mutual Funds
  v7-i4 / 27 Heer Shah Research On Hybrid Equity Oriented Fund And Equity Diversified Fund And Their Returns
  v7-i4 / 28 Santosh Kumar Goswami Study Of Indian Laws On Organ Transplantation, Its  Ethical, Legal And Social Issues
  v7-i4 / 29 Kamlesh Study of Software requirements specification (SRS) and its components and Goals
  v7-i4 / 30 Deepak Dalal*,Parveen Berwal EFFECT OF FLY ASH ON SOIL SUBGRADE STABILIZATION
  v7-i4 / 31 PardeepRana, Dr. C.Ram.Singla A Critical Study on the Role of Unified Power Flow Control in Voltage Power Transfer
  v7-i4 / 32 Dr Kapil Kumar Use of Social Media as a Tool of Political Communication
  v7-i4 / 33 MAHESH PRAKASH KAWALE To study the colonialism and imperialism With Critical Approaches and Problems.
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