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V8-I2, January - March 2017
Ref. No. Author(S) Title
v8-i2 / 01 lquhrk jkuh lkfgfR;d ifjfLFkfr;ksa esa ukjh ¼20oha lnh ds fo'ks"k lanHkZ esa½
v8-i2 / 02 1Meenakshi, 2Abhishek Bhatnagar Implementation On Biometrics Based Security In Payout Withdraw System In Mlm
v8-i2 / 03 Priya Itoriya1, Dr. Sanjay Jain2
Redundancy Allocation in an Industry using Multi-Objective Optimization – A Review
v8-i2 / 04 1SatyaPrakash Gupta, 2Dr. PankajAgrawal Effect of change in piston made of different materials on applying thermal and static loading conditions
v8-i2 / 05 Shashank Tripathi1, Dr. Sanjay Jain2 Study of the Product Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) on Welding Process- A Review
v8-i2 / 06 1Mrs. Anuradha, 2Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia Review Of  Various Education Commissions And Their Recommendations In India during “Pre-Independence”.
v8-i2 / 07 1Mr. Harsh Sharma 2Dr. Anil Kumar Teotia A Review About Characteristics And Factors Affecting, Professional Adjustment And Job Satisfaction Of  School Teachers
v8-i2 / 08 1Sunil, 2Abhishek bhatnagar Enhancement Of Http Server Security To Prevent Attacks On Commercial
v8-i2 / 09 1Naveen Kumar, 2Abhishek bhatnagar Three Dimensional Security System In Gesture Recognition
v8-i2 / 10 1Naveen Kumar, 2Abhishek Bhatnagar Implementation Of 3d Gesture Detection System Using Matlab
v8-i2 / 11 Mrs.Ravinder Algebraic Structure in Mathematics
v8-i2 / 12 Manisha Set Theory in Mathematics
v8-i2 / 13 1Shruti Tripathi, 2Dr. A.K. Saxena Study of Biogas and electricity production from  food waste in SATI  Campus, vidisha, M.P.
v8-i2 / 14 1Sunil 2Abhishek bhatnagar Http Server Security To Prevent Attacks On Commercial: A Review
v8-i2 / 15 1Raj Kumar, 2Himanshi A Review on Palm vein biometric identification technique
v8-i2 / 16 1Raj Kumar, 2Himanshi A Novel Technique to Palm Vein Recognition
v8-i2 / 17 lquhrk jkuh orZeku esa ukjh l'kDr gksdj Hkh vlgk; D;ksa\
v8-i2 / 18 Mrs. Anita Demonetization in Indian Economy
v8-i2 / 19 Annu Bahl1, Dr. Pankaj2 Women’s Rights are Human Rights and provisions under Indian Constitution
v8-i2 / 20 Vipin Bagria Study of Agricultures Loans, their types in India and Agricultural schemes for farmers in India
v8-i2 / 21 Kislay Chauhan Study of The Dowry Prohibition (DP) Act 1961 and The Supreme Court 2014 Judgment on Dowry Law
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