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September - December 2014
International Journal for
Research Publication and Seminar
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SR.  NO. Author Title
1 Vandana, Urvashi, Sunita and Shalini Singh* Rights of Women : A Myth or Reality
2 Sunita Rani* Shalini Singh** Stress, Self-esteem and Well-being amongst women: A Comparative Study.
3 Er. Ranju Kanwar Efficient Cluster Head Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Bacteria Foraging Optimization
4 kavita kumari çse pan  xksnku esa ukjh Hkkouk
5 kavita kumari çsepan  xksnku —"kd thou dh nkLrka
6 Dr. Atter Singh Identificaton Of Existing And Potential Rural Service Centres Of A Region
7 Dr. Atter Singh Land Utilization And Agricultrual Planning In Jind District (Haryana).
8 Dr. Bal Gopal Singh Role of HRM in Successfully Implementation of TQM
9 Pooja Kumari, Dyeing Of Wool Fabric With Natural Dye Extracted From Kalanchoe Pinnata (Patharchatta) and sida cordifolia(bala) Leaves 
10 Jeetender Kumar Study of pollution of water and its reasons
11 Medieval Indian History
12 Economic History of India
13 Seema Study of Bent Rule and Energetics of Hybridization
14 Ravi Study of Chromatography and its Principle
15 Seema Study of Coordination compound and their applications
17 Sanjay Kumar Review of The central character of the story Sarita fights against the traditional patriarchical society in The Dark Holds No Terror
18 1Hemnt Kumar, 2Dr. M. Z. Shahzada A Review of  Schiff-base ligands and metal complexes
19 1Hemnt Kumar, 2Dr. M. Z. Shahzada A review of Mechanism of Schiff bases formation Potential problem in Schiff base formation
20 1Vandna Kumari, 2Dr. Firoz Alam ekS;Zdkyhu vFkZO;oLFkk ij ,d foospuk
21 1Vandna Kumari, 2Dr. Firoz Alam ekS;Z dky esa jktuhfrd ifjfLFkfr;k¡ ,oa nkl çFkk ij ,d foospuk
22 *Dr. Sanjay Nibhoria
‘Measurement of Tourism perception towards culinary tourism Development in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand’
23 Dr. Lata Kumar Youth culture : A Sociological Analysis
24 Nabha Prakash Kawale A Study on the effect on the interest in  mathematics in relation to gender of student.
25 Nabha Prakash Kawale A study on the effect of Socio-economic status on the mathematics interest of student