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V7-I2, April-June 2016
Sr. No. Authors Title
1 1Neha Manchanda
2Mrs. Pallavi
Investigation Of Noise Sensitivity In By Comparative Study Of Peek Noice Ratio Of Sobel, Canny, Prewitt, Robert And Canny
2 1Ritika Wadhwa
2Mrs. Pallavi
Implementation Scaling Image Using Bilinear Interpolation Using
Matlab And Analysing The Limitations
3 1Rhythm khanna ,
2Dr. Surya Prakash Gautam
A review paper on Targeted Drug Delivery Methods and their
4 1.Vikas Rai
2.Dr. Shelly Garg  
3.Mr. KapilSachdeva
A Quantative Survey on Routing Protocols used in Mobile Ad-
hoc Network
5 1Amit Bhyan, 2Yudhvir Yadav Study of engineered cementitious composite concrete and its various Characteristics and applications
6 1Manpreet Singh, 2Yudhvir Yadav Study of failure of concrete columns , failure mechanisms and comparison of spiral helix, DNA Helix(simple), DNA Helix(rubber at middle), & DNA helix(rubber at end)
7 Anita Kadiyan fuxqZ.k lar dkO; esa ukjh
8 Mukesh Rani Post Colonial Theory : A Critical Study
10 1Absar Yousuf Wani
2Yudhvir Yadav
Study The Behavior Of Beam-Column Joint And Enhancement Of Efficiency
12 1Ajay Kundu, 2Ranadip Mandal Study of pavements, their types and comparative analysis
13 1Ajay Kundu, 2Ranadip Mandal Study of designing pavements for light aircraft
14 1Poonam Kundu, 2Ranadip Mandal A Review over Outdoor Advertisement And Hoardings and Principals for Road User Safety
15 1Poonam Kundu, 2Ranadip Mandal Study of various media devices used as outdoor media and  analytical study of Accidental Data  From Km 18.0 TO 22.0 & 22.0 TO 28.0 of NH-8
16 1 Rajesh,
2Ranadip Mandal
Study of General conditions and acceptable  Standards For Highway Design and Geometric Design criteria
17 1 Rajesh,
2Ranadip Mandal
Cost estimation for widening of the existing 4-lane divided carriageway to 6-lane divided carriageway for 15 Km Length of Gurgaon Jaipur section of NH-8
22 1Savita Sheoran, 2Gagandeep Implementation Of Adhoc Network To Enable Centralized And Distributed Computing And Resolving Security Issues Using Password Authenticated Key Exchange By Juggling
23 1Shefali Arora, 2Tarun Dalal Review paper on security enhancement using QR CODE
24 1Navjot Sidhu, 2Dr. Shobha Kulshreshtha A Review of role of media (TV and Social) over security issues of  Women in India
25 1Sonu, 2Neeraj Verma The Review Paper On Enhancement Of Wireless Secruity
26 1MS. Parul Jain,
2Dr. (Ms.) Sangeeta Jain
27 MkW0 jktchj mTtf;uh dh fL=;ksa esa fof'k"V euksHkko
28 1Ankit Kumar, 2Mr. Rahul Impact Of Brain Storming On Productivity, Quality, Efficiency, Globalization Of Organization
29 1Tripta, 2Mrs.Shailja kumari Review Paper On Two Dimensional Graphic Transformations For Technical Drawing, Advertising, Typography, Cartography Applications
30 1Sonia, 2Bhawna Hooda A Review of Bandwidth Spectrum Analysis of 4G and Relevant Technologies
31 M‚ jke esgj flag yksddFkkvksa dh fo'ks"krk,¡ 
32 M‚ jke esgj flag efgyk l'kähdj.k cuke L=h tkx:drk
33 Sanjay Kumar Indian Cinema and Literature
34 Dr. Sudhir kumar pundir
Health and physical education: A Review
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