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V6-I4, July - September 2015
International Journal for
Research Publication and Seminar
ISSN : 2278-6848
SR.  NO. Author Title
1 Rajesh Mishraa, N.K.Shukla Simulation and Performance Analysis of SPM, XPM and FWM in Optical Fiber Communication System     
2 Nitika Analysing psnr of various edge detection mechanisms to know their sensitivity to noise
3 1Manoj Kumar  A Research On Submerged Arc Welding
4 1Harpreet Kaur A study of attitute of teachers towards teaching profession at b.ed. Level
5 Dr. Amar Deep Singh Importance of Job Satisfaction and Talent Management
6 1Ranjeet Kumar, 2R.P. Mehla, 3Sumesh Jain, Investigation Into Pros, Cons And Proposing A Potential Alternative Of Soil Stabilization Using Lime
7 1Ajay Kumar, 2Anup Bishnoi, 3Sumesh Jain Designing of Rigid and Flexible Pavements and Cost Analysis of Various Method
8 Pooja Kumari, Dr. Lalit Jajpura ,  Neetu Rani,    Application of microencapsulation technique in functional textile
9 Nipun Aggarwal, Iiet Kinana    ** Sumer Singh. Review of Future on Power electronics for Wind Turbine Systems
10 1Manju, 2Abhishek Bhatnagar Investigation into Speech recognition by Machines and Humans
11 AMIT KAR, Self Employment and Women Empowerment:- A case study on cottage Industry
12 1Rohit Chaudhary     2Kuldeep Boora Applications of composites in waste management
13 Dr. Amar Deep Singh, Review of Global Talent Management    
14 1Dr.Siddharth Bindroo, 2Dr. S.K.Wangnoo Study of type 2 diabetics, symptoms & common testing & diagnosis and with basic line of treatment and Drugs
15 Reena Jangra[ Investigation into image intensification technology                           
16 Mk0 jkeesgj flag izoklh thou% lkfgfR;d vkSj lkaLd`frd ladV ¼uhnjyS.M~l ds lUnHkZ esa½
17 Dr. Surender Singh Study About Six Pramanas
18 Dr. Surender Singh Study about Justified True Belief and The Gettier Problem
19 psru dqekj Hkkjr esa f'k{kk dk çlkj ¼1913&1966½ - ,d foospuk
20 1Hemant Kumar, 2Dr. M. Z. Shahzada An overview of Macro-cyclic and acyclic Schiff base ligands
21 *Dr. Sanjay Nibhoria
‘Review of Tourism Development across Golden triangle with special reference to Social Exchange theory’