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V12-i3, July - September 2021
International Journal for
Research Publication and Seminar
ISSN : 2278-6848
Refereed and Peer Reviewed Journal
Mohit, Ms. Shalini Bhadola , Kirti Bhatia
Video Content Encryption and Cloud Video Security: A Review

Mohit, Ms. Shalini Bhadola, Kirti Bhatia
Study of Cloud authentication
Akanchha Patel
Current Scenario on Urban Solid Waste Management with Respect to Adampur Dump Yard, Bhopal
1Kusum,  2Dr Rajkumar Yadav
Study on diff and Steganography techniques used in video techniques with some new implementation
Jyoti Antil, Dr. Rahul Rishi
A Review of Development of a Model for the Management of Temporal Data
Ravinder Kundu
Productivity Improved in Indian Manufacturing Sectors by using different Tools and Techniques:-A Problems Solving Review
Lord Rama: The Chivalrous Incarnation of Morality
Shailendra Kathwate
To study the Rise associated factors in PPP for infrastructure project
Anupriya Dhiman, Vinod Saroha
Reviewing Role Of Image Enhancement In Paddy Leaf Disease Detection
1Mr. Dilip M. Chavanke, 2Upendra R. Saharkar
Study of Team Effectiveness Models
1 Rahamat Ali Ansari, 2 Vijay Kumar Shukla, Dr. R.N. khare3
A Review On Siesmic Analysis Of Multi Story Bulding Horizontally Damped
Dheeraj Bhatt1, Dr. Pushplata chouksey2
Impact Of Performance Appraisal Procedure Over Select Companies In Bhopal
Kuldeep Singh
es?knwr esa fufgr çse rRo dh çklafxrk
Aditya Verma, Dr. Dinesh Chand
Opportunities and Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship in India: A Review
Discernment and decision making in Ignatian Mysticism and Paulo Coelho select novels
Mohit Narwal
Good governance, working definitions and components
Aman Gill
Study of Ponds in Village, its use, Causes of Degradation and some Conservation and Management techniques.
1Dr. Dinesh Chand, 2Aditya Verma
Opportunities and Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship in India: A Review

1Dr. Dinesh Chand, 2Aditya Verma
Study of Contribution of Social Entrepreneurship