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V12-i2, April - June 2021
International Journal for
Research Publication and Seminar
ISSN : 2278-6848
Refereed and Peer Reviewed Journal
Dhanbanti Chanchal
Social Impacts of Covid-19: A Review
Prakash Sharma* 
Revisiting ‘Gandhian Plan’
Ronak Verma, Nishikant Arya, Sooraj Kumar
Construction and demolition waste management
1Dr. Geeta Singh, 2Lavesh Kumar Yadav, 3Piyush Kumar, 4Debdut Debnath
Construction and demolition waste: A Review
1DR. Hindurao R. Gharpankar, 2Shelly
Study Of Adjustment And Academic Achievement Of Senior Secondary School Students Of Working And Non- Working Women
Rajan Maidan, Dr. Priyanka Garg
Study of GST Structure and its benefits in India
Asha Rani, Dr. Shashi Rashmi
Emotional Maturity and Study Habits : A Review
Rupali Suresh Desai1, Er. Upendra R. Saharkar 2
“The sustainability aspects of the construction industry in crisis (Pandemic)”, A Review Paper
Kuldeep Singh
How disaster-resilient are urban land use planning: A Review
Nitilkumar Shrivastava 1, Prof. U R Saharkar 2,
A study of Factors Affecting for Maintenance and Rework for a Building - A Review Work
The Study of Properties of Linear Algebra and Matrices
Kuldeep Singh
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